As early as July 1, the Netanyahu-Gantz government could begin annexing large swathes of the West Bank. United by a concern for Israel and its democratic future and for the human rights of Palestinians, we call on decision-makers, lawmakers, and political leaders to take urgent action to prevent annexation.

Annexation is intended to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. It has the potential to institutionalise an undemocratic system in which Israel rules permanently over stateless Palestinian residents of the West Bank. Annexation fundamentally betrays the democratic principles of Israel’s founding, and will cause irreparable damage to Israel’s relationship with its allies, destabilise existing peace treaties, and lead to a future of endless conflict and unrest.

Global Jewish Coalition

We are a coalition of organisations representing Jewish communities around the globe, united in our opposition to unilateral annexation and permanent occupation.


What does annexation mean for Israelis and Palestinians?


Here is what you need to know. 

Detrimental to Israeli security

Members of Israel’s security establishment have warned that annexation risks undermining or destroying important cornerstones of Israel’s security strategy, while provoking outrage in the West Bank.

Jeopardises the two-state solution

Unilateral Israeli annexation means the deliberate prevention of a viable and independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. Instead of a negotiated peace agreement on the basis of two-states for two peoples, it is designed to thwart the Palestinian right to self-determination and prevent a mutually agreed resolution to the conflict.

A disaster for Israel's democracy

Annexation is inimical to Israel’s character and standing as a democracy. It takes Israel fully down an anti-democratic road to permanent authoritarian rule over another people, unending injustice and inequality -- and corrodes democratic institutions within Israel.

Impact on Palestinian human rights

While decades of “creeping” or de facto annexation through settlement construction and expansion has already dramatically impacted Palestinian human rights, de jure annexation will likely create systems that will lead to further deterioration of the situation on the ground for Palestinians.

Harmful to regional security and strategic relationships

Annexation threatens Israel’s vital peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt, undercutting decades of peaceful relations and destabilising Jordan. Furthermore, it will seriously harm other strategic relationships in the region.

Grave violation of international law

Unilateral Israeli annexation of the West Bank would constitute a major transgression of international laws and norms. The prohibition on the acquisition of territory by force has underpinned the international order that emerged after the ravages of World War II.

Compromises Israel’s critical relationships abroad

Israel's unilateral annexation will undermine its critical relationships with democratic countries abroad that have offered support to Israel since its establishment -- and may even trigger serious punitive action.

Undermines Israel’s relationship with Jewish communities

Jewish communities around the world are overwhelmingly supportive of a two-state solution and opposed to policies of annexation and perpetual occupation. Annexation forces them to choose between defending indefensible Israeli policies and living up to their own democratic values. 

Photo: Gili Getz

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